The Kumano Kodo 2: The Nakahechi Route from Hongu Taisha to Nachi Taisha (GPX)

My own Kumano Kodo / Nakahechi pilgrimage plans, to continue from Hongu Taisha on to Nachi Taisha, were blown away by a typhoon.

Maybe you can walk that part as well – or want to walk that part alone – so let me still share the GPX for this second part, as I had planned to walk it:

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Nakahechi2.gpx”]


The description of the first part (Takijiri to Hongu Taisha) of the Kumano Kodo includes some information about this pilgrimage path in general that is also usable for this second part.

Part 1 also includes my own version of a trail guide for that section and some impressions from my own – rather unusual – experience there. And having walked that section, I can tell that the GPX I created for it was generally good to use.

This second part continues on, only as the maps and somebody else’s GPS recording shows the Nakahechi to go. Since I missed out on that part, I cannot make any claims to the accuracy of this GPX.

(Judging by how the other one worked, I’d say it should be better than most others – if you can even find any others!)

One note, though: I had planned to, perhaps, finish the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage on the Nakahechi route by walking from Nachi Taisha to the Nachi railway station. So, this part is also included in this GPX track but likely not all that useful.

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  1. Alex Schwab Avatar
    Alex Schwab

    Thanks for this! looks very well put together with good detail, will try to use this as a guide for an attempt at walking this next month.

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