Tour: Around the Sonnwendstein (Semmering, Lower Austria)

Winter weather having been more or less good, this was still not the snow shoeing it could be done as (when there is yet more snow).
A journey to a bit of snow was necessary, though, and it delivered on that.

It also delivered an example of a tour that should be easy, but wasn’t quite such a simple hiking trail.

At the very beginning, I did not take a turn I should have taken – and things went on like that quite a bit (as can also be seen in my vlog of this tour).
A turn was not easy to see, I did not look for another turn. Or, not so seldomly, there just was no sensible path where I was supposed to turn.

It was fun anyways, with the right equipment and good outdoor technology for navigation…

The tour on Movescount (as it should be done) can be found here.

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