Suunto 7 Gets Sleep Tracking, Resources, Daily HR – and Komoot Navigation!

The most exciting update now announced, alongside the new premium Titanium versions of the Suunto 7 (and Suunto 9 Baro) is the one for the Suunto 7.

The update has a staged release starting from April 19, 2021.

It brings new features:

  • Sleep tracking
  • Body resources
  • Daily heart rate
  • Turn-by-turn alerts powered by komoot

And there’s a little enhancement:

  • Information about the next waypoint will be shown in map view when using route navigation.

More about this update is coming!

Let’s just say, it enhances the value of the Suunto 7 for fitness and health tracking tremendously.

After all, sleep tracking is something that WearOS is, natively, sorely missing–and this update adds not only that, but also body resources estimation and daily heart rate!

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