What To Do if Komoot Doesn’t Sync Routes to Your Suunto App

Suunto just updated its app to deliver route navigation with turn-by-turn directions from Komoot with the Suunto 9 (Baro), Suunto 5, and Suunto 7.

If you have not used Komoot before, there is a good chance you excitedly connected your Suunto app with Komoot, only to find the routes not to sync. (Even if you used Komoot before, you might be missing your routes.)

The Solution: “Unlock” the Region

The reason for this problem is simple, but hardly anyone points it out: Only new routes are synced, not old ones or edits; and routes are only synced if you have “unlocked” the region they are in in Komoot.

If you just want to try out the service, Komoot offers one region for free.

If you really want to use this service, it’s worth paying for their “World Package”, often offered for 19.99 or thereabouts, which unlocks all regions.

This single region in my surroundings would not even cover all the terrain I cover on runs nearby!

(This one-time payment is sufficient; you do *not* need a Komoot premium subscription to get route sync with turn-by-turn directions.)

So far, with the apps/accounts properly linked and the regions unlocked, the synchronization of routes worked within seconds.

Editing Routes and Re-Syncing (Sorta)

If you need to edit a route and get it synced again, open the planned route and choose “Replan this tour” in the right-hand options.

(If you just choose the “Edit Tour” at the top, only the route in Komoot will be changed, the changes will not be synced to the Suunto app.)

Save it under a new name, I’d suggest, or it will be saved and synced with the same name a second time (just with the edits you made).

(Or, of course, you could first delete the route you need to change in the Suunto app, then edit it in Komoot and get it re-synced.)

Suunto App Editing

It would be possible to edit the route in the Suunto app, as well, but there’s currently a bug (in the Android app, at least) that messes up routes that were synced from Komoot if they are edited in the Suunto app.

Of course, an edit in the Suunto app wouldn’t give you automatic directions, but it could be used to clean up the ones that Komoot delivered or to add real waypoints, e.g. for aid stations in a race.

That all is a different topic again, though.

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  1. Stefan Avatar

    I am extremely grateful for your hints as I have been trying desperately to sync existing tours between Komoot and the Suunto App without success. I just created a new one and it worked. But neither the support of Komoot nor of Suunto were able to explain that only new routes are synced.

    1. I’m glad the post is being found! The issue already appeared with Polar’s Grit X, where their website at least put out some odd error message re. some location problem… and they didn’t really help much with it, either. Now Suunto’s done the same…

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