Suunto Kailash Preview

[Note that my full Kailash review is now live!]

From thinking about death in order to think about better living, we go to considering the latest luxury Suunto timepiece: the “World Collection” Suunto Kailash.

This is not a device for training (unlike the Ambit line), nor a watch for ordinary outdoor pursuits (like the Suunto Traverse), but the digital nomad’s deluxe companion…

One weekend after the unboxing, I have traveled a bit, it’s showing that I was a few (243) km from home, have been doing almost 12000 average daily steps, still visited only 1 city and 1 country, and traveled 471 km on 2 travel days this year…

Let’s see how that goes on. Then, and only then, will it be time for a real review – if I can let you wait that long.

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