Suunto 7 Update, from June 30, 2020

The Suunto 7 is getting an updated firmware, rolling out starting June 30, 2020.

If you do not yet get this update,

  • it can be that it takes longer,
  • you can try putting the watch on its charger while having it connected to WiFi and it may start the update soon, or
  • you can go into the “About” section of the system settings and check the “System Updates” entry there

This system update is PXDB.200528.004

It delivers (quoting from the Suunto website):

New Features:
• Easy access to steps, calories and recovery time through Suunto mobile app and the new Suunto Today Tile on your watch
• Choose the training data you want to keep an eye on during an exercise by creating your own customized sport modes in Suunto mobile app. Your own sport modes will appear at the top of the sport mode list in your watch.

Enhancements and fixes:
• Improved location and distance accuracy
• Extended integration of activity and exercise data to Google Fit™
• Extended user guidance notifications
• Various other bug fixes, language translation improvements and performance optimizations

The following versions of Suunto components are included in the update:

Suunto Wear app – 1.128.2
Suunto Wear services – 1.201.2
Suunto Watch faces – 1.5.0
MDSP – 1.139.0


To emphasize the main novelties and enhancements, not quote:

With this update, sports mode customization has reached the Suunto 7. It has limits, as always, but also offers some fun. I have created a sports mode that is trail running for “Virtual Skyracing”, labeled as such, for example.

The new Suunto Today tile displays steps, calories and time to recovery right on the watch, where things like the already-available Suunto tile for the training diary also resides. Or the Google Fit tile, which is less necessary now.

What is not explicitly mentioned by Suunto (perhaps because it is more of a Suunto app thing) is that steps and calories counted by the Suunto 7 now also sync with the Suunto smartphone app.

Finally, if you sync your data also with Google Fit, your sports data is shown better there, e.g. with the recorded GPS track.

14 responses

  1. Bulkan Avatar

    I Miss daily heart rate to Suunto app, come on Suunto!

    I wish with Stryd support. This is keeping me away to use the watch everyday.

    I dream with routes in this smartwatch.

    But in general is a great device.

    1. If it were there, both of them, there would be other issues again…

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Hallo gerald any news on new suunto watches like a new suunto 9 i cant believe that they release almost no new watches except a updated suunto 3 and a smart watch looks verry nice but not mine kind of watch they have to release something or many people will switch to other brands like coros or garmin
    Thanks dennis

    1. They bring anything new, it’s all “Why do they have something new already when the older thing doesn’t do what I want it to do; now my older watch is worthless!”

      They don’t bring anything new, it’s “If I don’t get a new watch from them soon that solves all my problems, I will switch to another brand (and then complain why they always have to bring new models every year!)!”

  3. Ted Avatar

    What are your thoughts on the updated software? I am particularly interested in the new access to steps etc. as I saw this as an issue.

    1. It’s good. Nice to get more data into the Suunto app, and it seems to be working as it should!

  4. Eric Verwoerd Avatar
    Eric Verwoerd

    I am waiting for de update with automatic pause, jusr like the Suunto 9. Now I have to use the stop en start.

    1. Huh. Second person in two days who mentions (the lack of) autopause. And honestly, I think autopause is a bug, not a feature 😉

      1.  Avatar

        I have liked autopause on Spartan. Why is not on 7?

        1. Different watch, different workings…

  5. Emmanuel Avatar

    A sport watch without AUTO PAUSE feature is not a proper sport watch!
    I am so disappointed and deeply regret to have bought a SUUNTO 7 because it does not have this option!
    Will go back to my old Polar… 🙁

    1. You say that like it’s a rule handed down by god. Meanwhile, I have NEVER used autopause and find it highly inappropriate to even do so.

      Your regret should be that you didn’t inform yourself correctly about the watch you bought, especially if that feature is so important for you.

    2. Arnold Avatar

      agreed, Auto Pause is a basic feature for sport watch. disappointed. but hope they will add it back

      1. Like I said, I’ve *never* used it on any watch – except once, hiking up a mountain, where it always thought it needed to pause as I was drudging upwards.

        Never again. When I’m out training, if I need to wait at a crossing, that’s still a part of training time.

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