New Watch/Model: Coros Apex Goes Pro…

Coros just announced the expansion of their watch line to an APEX series, with the release of the Apex Pro.

So, now their lineup is:

  • the initial running/triathlon watch of theirs, the Pace
  • the running/ultramarathon/multisports-focused Apex
  • the mountaineering/climbing/mountain ultra-focused Vertix, and
  • the Apex Pro that slots in between the last two.
Coros Apex Pro (Black)

Basics in Comparison

As a multisports watch (in what is now the Apex series), the Apex Pro is still lighter and runs less long than the Vertix.

The Apex Pro is 59 g, battery life is 30 days regular use, 40 hours full GPS, 100 hours in UltraMax mode.

By far enough for the usual ultramarathon, but still not as much as the Vertix offers – and it just got a “resume” feature for multi-day hikes, as well.

The Vertix offers 45 days of regular use / 60 hours full GPS / 150 hours UltraMax GPS, at a weight of 76 grams.

Apex Pro Design

In design and features, the Apex Pro is moving very close to the Vertix, though.

It shares the central digital knob to scroll and push as button, with one button each above and below (for backlight and as back/lap button).


Rather more importantly, the Apex Pro shares the same sensors on the back that we have seen on the Vertix, for optical heart rate and spO2 measurement.

Coros Apex Pro (Silver), Backside
Coros Apex Pro (Silver), Backside

Those give the Apex Pro (like the Vertix), optical heart rate measurement and optical pulse oximetry. The Vertix’ altitude mode comes to the new watch.

This mode gives 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring, altitude performance assessment and acclimatization advice.

Also on board are barometer/altimeter, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, thermometer, and of course navigation satellite reception, which uses GPS or GLONASS (with support for Beidou and Galileo planned as well).

COROS Touchscreen Functionality

An interesting novelty is that the Apex Pro is introducing (some) touchscreen functionality to Coros watches. In the plural, because the Vertix is getting a new v 2.0 firmware which also activates touchscreen functionality!

This touch function allows for

  • Navigating back and forward in history data (barometric pressure, temperature, altitude)
  • Using touch on the navigation track screen (route or “map”, I assume)
  • “Touch Scroll” (user activated option) in workout data pages

More on that shortly in a post and video updating about the Vertix’ new firmware and touch functionality.

Shipping is scheduled to begin September 26, 2019; recommended retail price is 499 USD.

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