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Oura Ring Readiness Data: Gen2 vs Gen3 Compared

So far, data from a second and third gen Oura ring should be comparable (if not the same). In this post, let’s check out the readiness score and…

Oura Ring Activity Data: Gen2 vs. Gen3 Compared

Activity data should be the easiest to capture for an Oura ring, be that Gen2 or Gen3 – or the easiest to get wrong. Things will get rather…

Oura Ring Sleep Data: Gen2 vs Gen3 Compared!

The third-generation Oura Ring will receive an updated sleep algorithm; the activation of the spO2 sensor could conceivably change some sleep data calculation – but both are not…

Why I Look Forward to Garmin fenix7, epix2

If the leaks are mainly correct, the fenix 7 series will be another incremental update (and the epix2, an AMOLED offshoot) – but I may finally want to…

Suunto Sold to Chinese Liesheng Technology: The China-Experienced View

The news that Amer Sports will divest Suunto, selling it to Chinese electronics company Lieshen Technology, has struck a nerve – and wasn’t unexpected. From my experience in…

Oura Ring Gen3 Sizing: The Oddity Continues

Maybe it’s good to get a new sizing kit, anyways… One of the many odd communications from Oura regarding the Gen3 ring has been that it would fit…

Oura’s Strange Shift to Subscriptions

It is not strange that Oura Health should want to shift to a subscription-based model. Whoop does that; Muse pushes that; Fitbit has “premium” features behind a subscription.

Oura Ring’s Growing Up to Gen3

Oura just announced the version 3 of their smart health tracking ring, and after 1.5 years with version 2, it’s interesting to see how things are going.

COROS VERTIX 2 Announced: Maps, Music, Best GNSS-Chip So Far

Breaking into the GPS sports/outdoor watch market with a new brand seemed like an impossible task – until COROS came along. Now we are getting the VERTIX 2.

An Introduction to the Suunto 9 Peak: What You Should Know!

In short: The Suunto 9 Peak extends the Suunto 9 range with a smaller model. It is updated, but it does not replace the Suunto 9 Baro.