The Gray Man and his TAG Heuer

James Bond has his Omega, Stargate often featured Suunto watches – funnily including the X9 GPS watch, which I’m sure served very well off-Earth (but that’s a different story) – and Netflix’s The Gray Man has a TAG Heuer.

Not my usual kind of post here, but it’s been time to point out that the world of watches isn’t all digital and GPS-enabled.

Ryan Gosling, the actor who plays the main character in Netflix’s The Gray Man, is TAG-Heuer’s brand ambassador for their Carrera Three Hands watch.

Only natural, then, that they cooperate to promote the film and the watch brand together, and with TAG Heuer’s fitting motto “Don’t Crack Under Pressure.

The origins of the Carrera, of course, lie with automotive racing and its need for timekeeping and readability.

I am decidedly not into that kind of sport, but readability of watches continues to be a concern no matter which we consider, the classic or the modern-electronic.

And with all the focus on watches that are meant to give more and more metrics, provide more and more features, I find it valuable to sometimes be reminded – and remind you – that the watches originally built for explorers and adventurers are the same watches we now consider luxury timepieces and which have prices that are certainly, deeply, in luxury territory.

Even so, they are reminders that sometimes, timekeeping is all that really matters and everything else is up to the watch wearer.

Frankly, I’ve been wondering about how to continue with this blog, with reviews – and discovering that I don’t want to compete with all the reviewers out there. Rather, I want to seriously focus on how to get the best out of what a watch offers, by learning how it can be best used for what.

Assassination and spycraft probably won’t be the topic, we’ll stick to endurance sports.

Still, let’s focus on the uses.

And let’s not forget that watches should also fit into daily life and should also go with suits, not just with Lycra for sports.


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  1. Jeff Avatar

    Totally agree with your post Gerald. All watches are fascinating in their own way. I have a number of “old” watches I.e. Citizen, Seiko etc and I wear them often. It’s nice to not have that “range anxiety” (wondering if I’ve charged my watch) and just appreciating a well made timepiece.

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