Addendum: Links/Materials for the Suunto Ambit FW1.5 post

In my last post, I already pointed to videos showing how to create and use a route with Suunto’s Ambit GPS watch. For those interested in a bit more of the data, rather than the life-philosophy background provided there, some pointers:

The route created “for illustration” can be found here; the “move” made during that time may not be too interesting when it comes to the physiological data collected, but the route as it was recorded may be of interest… it is here on Movescount.

You can also just stay here, though:

Suunto Ambit. Route created in Movescount (left) and actually run (right)
Suunto Ambit. Route created in Movescount (left) and actually run (right)

Remember that I turned off the navigation after waypoint 10 and chose my own path again; hence the completely different track on the way back. Fun note: looking at the track from close up, you can see that I typically ran on the left side of the road, and you could easily find out at what points “close to the autobahn” I stopped to record the parts of the video showing the different screens/displays that were used.

If you stumbled upon this post searching for more detailed information about the Ambit, refer back to my last post and the videos there for a look at the navigation function, or go to the full review that I did as the Ambit was still at firmware 1.0.7 (where navigation functions were still a sore point).

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